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Pete Dodds & Jessica Patterson - Francesca's Mobile Pizza


Frequently Asked Questions

For Pizza Orders call 0210 232 4181 

We've answered our most common questions below but if you have more, please email 

Do you take EFTPOS?

YES, EFTPOS Visa MasterCard and pay wave. Cash is also accepted. 

Where do you normally park up?

Our location varies from week to week and season to season. The best way to find us is on Facebook events or check the website for our Current Location. You are always welcome to call us to find out where we are. 021 0232 4181

Do you have gluten free?

Yes we can offer a gluten friendly base and all of our ingredients (subject to seasonal changes) are gluten free.

This will be an additional cost of $4 per base. Please keep in mind we cook these GF pizzas in the same oven as our flour bases and there may be minute traces of gluten so they are not 100% gluten free. Please advise of your dietary requirement when placing an order. 

Do you have vegan options?

Our bases are vegan and we have a variety of pizzas we can offer on a daily basis. These options will change daily and it's best to advise the FMP team of your preferences when ordering the pizza. 

Do you serve alcohol?

FMP does not hold a license to serve alcohol

Do you serve coffee or tea?


Do you serve fries?


Do you sell pizza by the slice?

No as we only sell whole pizzas cooked to order in the wood fired oven

Do you have vegetarian options?

Yes we serve a variety of vegetarian pizzas. The Margherita with mozzarella and basil will always be on the menu and we will often run a Fran's Special as a vegetarian pizza. If you don't find what you are looking for please call and we can make something special for you. We update the Fran's special board daily. 021 0232 4181.

Is your meat halal?

Our Free Range Smoked Chicken is Halal but not the Prosciutto & Venison Pepperoni

What is the minimum number of people or minimum spend to hire out Francesca's Mobile Pizza?

No party size or venue is too small for you to hire out Francesca's for catering your special event. Please contact us to get a quote and check availability for your gig. Email or call 021832205.

Do you serve pineapple on your pizza?

We are inspired by traditional Italian style thin crust pizzas therefore we do not. Unless you are in the know. Mahalo?

Do you have kids pizzas?

We certainly have pizza's for your particular little-eater and can customise the pizza to you or your child's liking. Just ask and we will come up with a plan!

Do you do half and half pizzas?

We can do that for you for a cost of $2! Just ask ????


Get In Touch

For Pizza orders call 0210 232 4181 (no text messages please)

Phone line is open 1 hour prior to serving pizzas



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